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Derek Read

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I haven't seen this before. Perhaps others have?

Can you let us know the following so we can try to set up an identical machine to test this?

1. Windows version and service pack if any (XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7)
2. Internet Explorer version (full number please)
3. Is this English Windows or another language?
4. If you see MSXML listed in your Control Panel's “Add or Remove Programs” dialog please click on “details” and grab the version from there as well.

Converting HTML into DITA is fairly complex, requiring a few levels of manipulation and we have quite a few pieces involved in that process.

5. If you are pasting a bulleted list does it get inserted as a list (

  • element) in XMetaL or does it get inserted as multiple paragraphs (

    elements)? The latter would indicate that the transformation process has ultimately failed and XMetaL is falling back to pasting the just the text, which it then has secondary logic for (to insert a

    for each section separated by a carriage return).

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