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Derek Read

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The problem is that XMetaL Author Enterprise is actually inserting full path or relative path to our “stub” DTD, which is not desirable. sbodoff didn't say which version is being used, but I assume it is as that is the version I am aware of that has this issue.

The preferred form is in fact this:

This issue only affects bookmap and to the best of my understanding we caught it fast enough that there is only one affected version (

Version (available since May 26) addressed the issue. Our sales people can help anyone that needs this version to obtain it.

The fix should continue to respect the SYSTEM portion of the DOCTYPE declaration in existing files when opening and saving (and leave them unchanged), so if you have files that were messed up by the XML source may need tweaking. The fix is for new files created from template from within XMetaL Author Enterprise (ie: File > New).

If you are using a CMS system and you create new files using the Repository menu item called “New from Repository Template” that should also work fine (such CMS integrations are based on our “XMetaL Connector” APIs specifically designed to interop nicely with CMS systems).

If you are using a CMS system and the Repository menu is disabled (you create new documents some other way) then I cannot predict what the behavior will be for you as the CMS system is custom coded and not using our standard “XMetaL Connector” CMS-specific APIs. However, as stated above, the product is coded to respect the DOCTYPE declaration for existing documents. This basically means any documents not opened from the Template folder in the XMetaL installation path, so I assume things should continue to function for such integrations as well (and likely were not affected in the first place).