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You could add “ANT_PARAM_args.outext  =  htm” to the advanced tab on the chm output to get .htm files.

Thank you 🙂
Problem 1 is solved 😉

Now i still have the problem with the path.

My structure would be like:

–> DitaMap
–> HtmlFiles (Folder with the Topics)

Now the Url of an Topic in the generated chm-File is /ProductFolder/HtmlFiles/TopicTitle.htm.
I want to have /HtmlFiles/TopicTitle.htm.

I read the Thread in Dita-Users Group but i don't know what to do with the information given there 🙁
I also tried to find the File which defines the Generation-Process and customize the Path at this Points but i didn't found it.

I'll re-read the Thread given by u and read the Tutorials but it would be great if you could give me some hints about how to solving this so that i understand what i have to do 🙂

Kind regards and, in advance thanks for your efforts.