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Derek Read

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OK, I've just finished testing this and the form that I put with quotations does not work. Our code actually wraps everything in quotes when it runs (to handle the space issue) and so that ends up with double spaces. The other form (without quotes) is working fine no matter where I put the file on my system.

However, keep in mind that I'm not testing with 64-bit (not specifically mentioned in this thread, but I believe it is known to others here that this is not supported yet) so can't say 100% that you will get the same results. On a 32-bit install it is working fine.

If you use a different DITAVAL file to produce different outputs and want to make this easy to use for your authors I would duplicate a deliverable type (there's a button for that), give it an easy to understand name, and then add the parameter to that specific deliverable only.

So, the authors might have the following deliverable types listed (shown here together with the parameters) when you go to generate output (let's say you're producing plain HTML just for the heck of it):

Multiple HTML
(no special parameters, default settings)

Multiple HTML for Admins
DITAVAL_PATH_BACK_SLASH  =  c:file pathadmins_only.ditaval

Multiple HTML for Other People version 1
DITAVAL_PATH_BACK_SLASH  =  c:file pathpeople_1.ditaval

Multiple HTML for Other People version 2
DITAVAL_PATH_BACK_SLASH  =  c:file pathpeople_2.ditaval