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Not a complaint. I was just wondering if it was possible after seeing how the Journalist file works, but I see now that it would not work with dita. I didn’t want to have to completely change the Tag and Normal view CSS to get a close to accurate WYSIWYG view without having to full render it.
I noticed the Journalist DocType has a multiple CSS styles with buttons to switch between them.  That’s only for the Structure though and on Journalist files. I tracked that button down to the call ActiveDocument.RefreshCssStyleDoc.RefreshCssStyleToAppend(); but could not get it to work on a dita call. RefreshCssStyleDoc come back as null and I can’t find any info on it. Do you know if it’s possible to have multiple CSS files like that but for tag and Normal view with a similar call? I could probably make a macro button that would write a topic_ditabase.css that imports another CSS for each button and then just call the standard RefreshCssStyle() function. This way there can be one  CSS  for tag an normal view that shows the conrefs in gray, meta data, ect… and then have another CSS with it as close to output  format as possible.