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Derek Read

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All of this is controlled via the file Startupmultipleoutput.mcr

This stuff is documented in XMetaL Developer under the topic “Formatting Object” if you wish to implement something for other document types. To get the same functionality as the Journalist demo all you should need to do is implement one method in a script:


PDF via Apache FOP (which we continue to install a very old version of) is also available via a similar API.

I have not had a look at this functionality with the 6.0 release which has been modified to attempt to play nicely with Windows UAC, so implementing this might require some additional mucking around to get files into the right location so that XSLTs (and MSXML in particular which multipleoutput.mcr uses) can write files out, etc.

See these topics (and the ones they reference) if you don't have XMetaL Developer: