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Derek Read

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Paul, do you know if the id attribute set on the “local content” or in the “conref target” (or possibly both)? I suspect it is set on the

element in the conref target and not on the conref source.

The local content, which DITA officially calls the “conref source” is essentially the placeholder

that is in the document just to keep it valid. It will typically contain the minimum number of elements to keep the document valid, but probably no actual content. The “conref target” is the element that contains the actual table (typically in an external file) containing your real content. The conref source has the conref attribute set to point to the conref target and it may not (probably won't) have an id attribute set on it. It doesn't have an id attribute set because we don't want it to appear as a false hit that you might try to link to in our dialogs. I think this usually makes sense the majority of the time because you probably don't want to link to a placeholder with no content (the conref source).

The conref source can be viewed by right clicking on your

that appears gray and selecting “Show Local Content”. When you do this the styling will change from a gray background to a yellow background (so you can tell what you're looking at). You can then check the Attribute Inspector to see what the attributes are or hover over the opening or closing tag.

If you do want to reference the “local content” you would need to set an id attribute on it. If you want to reference the target you would select the file that contains it and then select the id corresponding to the table.

Hope you can follow this and that you have not uncovered a bug or something.