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Derek Read

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Unfortunately the code that our UI uses to save these settings is designed to configure things for your specific machine and not in a generic way. I'll ask that we alter this (feature request) to aid with deployment to multiple machines. We have “help admins to deploy settings for users” as a long term goal and this would likely fall into that project.

So, for now, some hand coding is required to fix up the paths and make them generic so they work for everyone. I'm attaching a copy of your file modified so that it should work. This file format is not documented so hopefully you have a DIFF tool (like Microsoft's free WinDiff or something else like the open source WinMerge) in case you need to compare and see what has been altered.

Note that as you are using AppLocale the path to it should be checked (the parameter is listed inside the file as “ANT_PARAM_args.htmlhelp.runapplocale”). It is possible that on some machines this path might be different, though I don't think the Microsoft installer allows you to select the installation location it might decide to put it elsewhere. You can open these deliverable type configuration files in TagsOn view in XMetaL to make simple changes (a very basic customization is provided, but again, the format is as of yet totally undocumented and in theory could change in the future).