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Derek Read

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The DITA OT bundled with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 (which is DITA OT supports this as far as the deliverable type “Multiple HTML” is concerned (in my testing). No special parameters need to be turned on in this case. Note that I assume your XML construction is actually like this (if I assume correctly, you are missing the closing tag in the snippet you posted):


[Note: In pure DITA OT terms “Multiple HTML” is referred to as the “xhtml transtype” in case you wish to check the DITA OT project at SourceForge.]

If anything, I would suspect that the version of the DITA OT installed with XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.1 did not have the same level of support for chunking that does. That would not be too surprising as we initially shipped that version in March 2008 and a number of improvements were made at the SourceForge project between 1.4 and