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Derek Read

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There are quite a few. I think the following sums them all up (hopefully I have not missed anything).

1) entity references (character, text, external file and graphic)
2) XInclude (applicable to schema supporting XInclude only)
3) DITA conref (applicable to DITA documents only)
4) DITA “reusable components” (an implementation of DITA conref that hides the complexity of working with them)
5) DITA's use of topics and maps in general (ie: reusing a topic in different maps)
6) CMS specific solutions (depends on the CMS involved and supported provided by CMS integration vendor)

Others could be implemented for any schema (DTD or XSD) along the lines of the DITA conref and “reusable components” features provided the schema supports the concept. This would require customization work (primarily scripting).

I could go into more detail but I think it would be more efficient to download the trial version and have a look. If you are interested in something specific I could let you know if there is a quick way to test it out in the XMetaL Author Enterprise trial.