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Derek Read

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There is no real way to do this. The only possibility I can think of is to have two CTM files and switch between them (perhaps by renaming the files on disk) but that would require reloading the XML document ActiveDocument.Reload().

Not sure what you need this for. Perhaps you could elaborate on the ultimate goal so we can figure out if it can be done, or if we might want to add a feature to help you out.

I should also state that I'm a little confused because Pretty Printing (when enabled in the CTM) does not only apply when you switch to Plain Text view, it is applied to the file on disk when you save from TagsOn or Normal view. So, really you either have Pretty Printing turned on (in which case Plain Text view will match what you see when saving from TagsOn or Normal) or you have it turned off (and in this case, again, it should match).