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Derek Read

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XMAX will also generate an RLX / RLD when you provide the DTD / XSD. It is identical to XMetaL Author in this sense.

So, if you do not wish to use XMetaL Developer for some reason (I'm still not entirely clear on that part but perhaps it is too expensive to give everyone a copy?) then you could use XMAX to generate the RLD. Each of the developers will need XMAX (and an XMAX license) to do this.

There are two other alternatives (our sales people are probably not liking me at this point 😉 …

1) Do not include the RLD in the XAC file. Instead, place your XSD file and any other files it references inside the XAC. There is an option to identify a file as being a W3C Schema in XMetaL Developer so that the right metadata is included inside the XAC. When XMAX extracts all the files from the XAC in this case it will then compile the RLD file. Nothing in your XAC is binary any longer (unless you use XFT files).

2) This is basically the same as #1. Do not distribute the XAC file but instead give the CSS, CTM and MCR file the same filename as the XSD and place them in the same folder. When the XSD is located by XMAX the RLD will be compiled and the other files should also be found and used. In this case you cannot use the XACFile property on LoadFromFile() or LoadFromString(). The right path will need to be coded into the schemaLocation attribute in the XML to tell XMAX where to look for the XSD. There's information on this in “Deploying customizations” in the Customization Guide.