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This is a process concern related to update XAC file. Here I am talking about XMAX web application. It is nice that XMetal Author can compile XSD in real time. In order to make XAC available for XMAX web application, it seems like XMetal Developer is inevitable. 

Everything in XAC file is text file except the rules file. Which means that I can update XAC package file by simply copy and paste text file, for example I can replace the latest CSS file in XAC without going through XMetal Developer. However, rules file is unlike all other files in XAC.

Rules maker program is a nice tool independent from XMetal developer. If the DTD is updated, I can use rules maker program to recompile DTD into rules file; and then make it part of XAC for my  application. However, I can not bypass XMetal developer to update my XAC when using XSD.

I think that the bigger picture is how to automate XAC updating/generation process without using XMetal Developer. If rules file is DTD, it is likely to bypass XMetal Developer to update XAC because of the rules maker utility program. For compiling XSD, it seems no alternative support other than XMetal Developer.