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Derek Read

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Rules Maker is only for DTDs and will probably never support W3C Schema.

When you open an XSD in XMetaL Author it compiles the RLD file. In versions of the product prior to 5.5 this file was placed in the same folder as the XSD. In 5.5 and later you will need to check the following location:


Which might look something like this (my Windows login is “dread” and this is an XP box):
C:Documents and SettingsdreadApplication DataSoftQuadXMetaL6.0genCsomefoldermyschema.rld

Note that with 5.5 and later any auto-generated CSS and CTM files will be placed in a similar location (make sure your customization is complete so that does not happen for the user).

I don't think using XMetaL Author is the ideal way to make an RLD file if you feel you need one mostly because you need to go hunting for it (as shown above). It is generally easier to let XMetaL Developer generate this file for you as part of the customization it builds.

Also, unless you wish to avoid distributing the Schema you do not need to compile the RLD file in advance either (because XMetaL Author will do that regardless). I can think of two reasons for distributing the RLD instead of the Schema itself (if you have another please let us know):

1) Simplification. Your Schema consists of many files so distributing the RLD may seem easier.
2) Obfuscation. You wish to try to prevent end users from making modifications to the Schema. I would not say that it is impossible to reverse engineer an RLD into a W3C Schema but it certainly would be a pain.