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Derek Read

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I have now been using an installation of XMetaL Author Enterprise on XP for about a week with McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise Version 8.7.0 (a 90 day version) installed and have not seen any crashes yet. You also specifically mentioned IE 7 so I've got that installed as well.

That doesn't mean that McAfee definitely isn't the trigger in this case, it might just mean I haven't configured it exactly the same. I have tried all the settings I can find though, and used them each for at least 1/2 day. I've specifically had “Access Protection” turned on most of the time as that seems to be the most intrusive (it even stops admins from installing software). I've had the “ScriptScan” feature on almost all the time (it was on by default).

With “ScriptScan” on I see lots of apps (XMetaL, Adobe Reader and IE for example) listed in the McAfee log file with one file in particular always being listed as having been “blocked” (in the case of XMetaL it is the only file ever listed). The file is [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Index.dat]index.dat[/url] (used by IE to keep track of history and such). XMetaL does not use this file directly, it must be listed because XMetaL embeds IE for some rendering capabilities (in a few dialogs and in the Page Preview) and it appears that IE always reads and writes to this file when new “pages” are opened (in our case local HTML files), even when it is embedded as an ActiveX control (as “shell.explorer”).

I'll keep plugging away at this, but I don't have much hope at the moment that we're going to see a crash related directly to McAfee (unless we've missed some magic setting we haven't tried yet).