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Derek Read

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I think our UI people must have assumed there were enough combinations. I count 600 in total based on 15 colors, 8 background colors and 5 styles but a lot of those combinations might be dismissed as unusable based on personal preferences and things like the fact that you probably don't want yellow text on tan for example.

What you are asking for is possible to do today, in theory (I know for sure it is technically possible). However, the amount of work and the potential to break things is fairly high as quite a few different files need tweaking. The tricky part is that the way this is currently coded requires the values one might select in this dialog to sync up with the CSS that is used to style the document and due to the nature of how CSS works for DITA there a lot of different CSS files and possibly a few other things to take into account.

So, I think at this point I would prefer to take this as a feature request and ask our developers to go and redesign this dialog and the way the CSS is pushed into the document in a different way. With some new APIs we have available in our newest releases it might even be possible to allow someone to arbitrarily select any possible color value from a color picker dialog (we can now inject CSS strings into the rendering engine from script rather than hard coding them into CSS files). I'll make those suggestions to development and hope they can come up with something in a release that is not too far away.