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Derek Read

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I'm not sure I understand exactly. Which ditaval files are you comparing? I'll take a stab at answering anyway though, making some assumptions.

It sounds like you have a complex setup where you are previewing your documents by generating output through our UI using the copy of the DITA OT that we install but don't actually use that for production and use a completely separate copy of the DITA OT for that, in which case I'm not surprised the two are different because XMetaL Author generates ditaval files based on how you have configured it and the settings you choose in a dialog called Show/Hide Conditional Text.

Perhaps you have configured your copy of the DITA OT to use a particular set of ditaval files but not done anything to configure XMetaL Author Enterprise to generate similar values. When you generate output using our product the ditaval file is generated based on the settings you select (or do not select) in the Show / Hide Conditional Text dialog. If you never open that dialog the ditaval file that is generated is still based on the configuration that drives that dialog.

You will likely want to read these topics if that is the case:

  • Conditional text (this topic is the main topic in this section)
  • Creating and modifying conditions (a subtopic of the one above, this talks about the configuration)

You can also tell XMetaL Author Enterprise to use a specific ditaval file instead and not generate one based on those values. This is done in the Advanced Show / Hide Contional Text dialog (via File > Generate Output for DITA Topic/Map > Show/Hide Conditional Text > Advanced). In that dialog select the radio button “Use the following settings file” and then select a ditaval file from the list.

The list shows files that you have exported to the following folder using the Export button: C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACssharedrenditionsfilters

When you click the Export button the file that is saved contains the settings you chose from the Show/Hide Conditional Text dialog, so if you have not configured that dialog to show the values you use then you will be seeing the default values we ship with (which few people actually use and that almost everyone will need to configure according to the second help topic I have listed above).

You may also manually copy ditaval files into that folder if you wish to create them using another tool. All *.ditaval files are listed in the dropdown.