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My understanding is that Dita-OT v1.5 became “stable” in December.  They were doing milestone releases for about a year and that ended.  They are beginning to release 1.5.1 *trial* versions, but that doesn't affect v1.5

Also, I did update the v1.1.1 version of my plugin with a few bug fixes (that were fixed in the later versions).  It's now v1.1.2 and works with the dita-ot in Xmetal6.0.
The doc page is here [url=http://bitbucket.org/qwcode/dita.ot.plugins.ancestors/wiki/Home]http://bitbucket.org/qwcode/dita.ot.plugins.ancestors/wiki/Home[/url]
and the download is here [url=http://bitbucket.org/qwcode/dita.ot.plugins.ancestors/downloads/qwcode.dita.ot.plugins.ancestors.1.1.2.zip]http://bitbucket.org/qwcode/dita.ot.plugins.ancestors/downloads/qwcode.dita.ot.plugins.ancestors.1.1.2.zip[/url]