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Derek Read

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We think we've identified the issue that is triggering this behavior. There is no workaround for it short of avoiding use of CSS:after for the purpose of embedding images after element content.

This feature was added to the 5.1 release of XMetaL Author in anticipation of a requirement for another feature that was ultimately never implemented. As a result it was not fully tested (nor officially documented as being supported or even existing as far as I am aware). However, it was also mistakenly left in the product even though the other feature was never completed. Note that XMAX inherits most of the same basic functionality implemented in XMetaL Author and so it also mistakenly received this untested feature with its 5.1 release.

We are now looking into the cursoring (move right) issue. We hope to test and get it working in a future release. In the meantime the only recommendation I have is to avoid use of CSS:after to render images after an element's content. My limited testing so far shows that using CSS:before to display an image with this feature seems to be OK as far as keyboard navigation is concerned (ie: moving left and right past and image displayed using CSS:before works). The older and documented feature for rendering text before or after element content is still working properly and is unaffected by this cursoring bug as far as I can tell. That feature went through our standard QA processes many years ago.

Note: in craig_83's description in one portion he states that moving the cursor “left” does not work when he means “right” in all cases. Just wanted to clarify that in case others might be confused.