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I am having the exact same issue. Once an element is surrounded by images, as mandated by the CSS, I can't use the 'right-arrow' key to move beyond the right hand boundary of the element.

As crag_83 describes, I get to the point wheree the cursor is just before the last character in the element. The very next 'Right-Arrow' keypress causes the cursor to flip back to the start of the element again.

I can use the mouse to position the cursor at the end of the element without issue.

If there are no images mandated by the CSS the problem goes away.
If the element contains a Template processing instruction, the problem goes away.
If the element contains no text, the problem goes away.

I have broken this right back to a simple example using just an XMAX Control in a WinForms Control, which is wrapped in a WPF Control. The problem still occurs.

This is very frustrating for users. If an element is prepopulated with content users often need to alter this. It is a common requirement to move the cursor to the end and then backspace from there, e.g. when wanting to change the trailing day number of a date.

Any ideas on resolving this would be very much appreciated.