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Derek Read

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Sounds a little strange. I don't see this with forms I've created and I don't see this with forms we ship as part of the Journalist demo (all XMetaL Author releases) or the DITA functionality (XMetaL Author Enterprise only) so perhaps this is being triggered by something in your customization or something else.

Best to submit your customization XMetaL Support, or ideally, a simplified version. Best to send an XML sample, the DTD/XSD, XFT, CTM and anything else needed to cause the issue. It could be triggered by the XFT itself, including scripts it contains, but the way the form is being displayed (launched via script, via CTM setting, or displayed inline in the document) could have an effect (though that seems unlikely). Please also send exact steps to reproduce the issue so that they are aware of exactly when the bad behaviour is occuring if it is not going to be obvious.

Finally, please let them know which version of XMetaL Author you are running the form in. See Help > About… to obtain the full version number.