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Thank you so much for your help. I was thinking about making a copy of the customization folder and doing something similar.  I think I found out a solution that works similarly but is a little more complex. Since the main 2 files that I have had to edit (so far) have been the the custom attrs and xsl file, I found I can just have 2 different catalog files. I changed the build script slightly to check for a parameter of a catalog filename.  This way allows me to only have a few different files that can import/include a common set of changes from an xsl file and only have minimal code.  With having completely different customization folder sets may lead to lot of code duplication.  Down the line it would become hander and harder to make slight changes that have to affect every output format.  Additionally when there are Xmetal updates it would be easier to compare the file structure and migrate my changes to a newer version of the toolkit.