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Derek Read

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One more detail that I missed: If you want to use the Windows 7 feature called “Windows XP Mode” that may be a viable option. For detailed information on this Windows 7 feature search for “Windows XP Mode” on Microsoft's website (I won't post a link here because this seems to be one of those things that is a constantly moving target on their site).

According to Microsoft, running software in this “mode” is supposed to be equivalent to running the software on XP. Essentially, from what I understand “Windows XP Mode” on Windows 7 is a special build of “Microsoft Virtual PC” designed specifically to aid clients in running software designed for XP on Windows 7. In this case, you will essentially be installing and running our software inside a virtual machine running XP, and that virtual machine will be running on Windows 7 (a computer inside a computer). So, very likely in this case there will be a performance hit over running the 6.0 release directly on Windows 7.

Before you make any hard decisions on rolling this out to everyone I would configure it and test it as much as possible to make sure this solution is going to work for you.