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Derek Read

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Right. So, basically the answer is the same as before. Windows 7 did not exist when we released XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.0 and so no testing was ever done on that OS and it is not supported. This is why the 5.0 release specifically lists only Windows 2000 and XP in the installation requirements.

We did a substantial amount of work between 5.0 and 5.5 to get 5.5 working on Vista and this work was continued after 5.5 to get 6.0 working on Windows 7. I can tell you that many issues will arise if you attempt to run 5.0 on Windows 7 because Microsoft changed many things between XP and Windows 7. It is very likely that the software will not even finish installing in most cases. Better luck can be had with 5.5 because many of the changes we did to support that version of Windows carry over to Windows 7, however, 5.5 is also not supported on Windows 7 because that version of Windows did not yet exist at the time and no testing was done.

If you have purchased a maintenance agreement then upgrades for XMetaL Author Enterprise should be included with that at no additional charge. I believe our sales people have a mandate to include the sale of maintenance with all sales of the software (at least recently) so almost everyone that purchases the product should be getting 'free' upgrades. This is something you should check with our sales people directly as they can tell you what your particular agreement is with us.

A list of “highlights” in 6.0 is listed here:

The following post includes the readme files for versions 4.6 thru 6.0. The 6.0 readme file contains additional detail on specific features and bug fixes:

Our newer versions strive to always be backward compatible and so most clients do not run into any upgrade issues. If they do, they are typically related very closely to the particular customization they have employed (often script related) but these are usually minor problems and the majority of the time they can be worked around.