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Thanks, Derek,

Let me amend my question. 

We (several dozen writers in a multi-national corporation) are now using XMetaL Author Enterprise version 5.0 on Windows XP SP3.  Moving up to XMetaL Author Enterprise Version 6 will cost the corporation significant dollars/Euros/etc.  (How much per seat?)

Can XMetaL Author Enterprise version 5.0 run on Windows 7?  I've read the ReadMe for version 5 (issued 2007) and it does not mention Vista or Windows 7 at all. 

I'm given to understand (since posting earlier) that Windows 7 offers a mode in which one can install software that runs on older Windows versions (such as XP).  Perhaps there is a performance penalty, but that might be a solution if we are thrust into Windows 7 abruptly.

I also hear that Version 6 offers greatly improved spell checking.  What other features would be good selling points to convince The Powers That Be (TightFisted) to shell out for the upgrade?

What incompatibilities are we  (multiple teams working on multiple release schedules, worldwide, with some docs passing through translation) likely to encounter in doing an upgrade?