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Derek Read

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You will have trouble with any of our products with a 5.0 release number and I would not try to install any of them on Windows. The file install-readme.html (ships with our installers) should tell you the minimum hardware and OS requirements for each version.

Keep in mind that 'XMetaL' is really a brand name and not a product name (though it forms part of the name in most products). I assume you are asking about either the first or second product listed below:

XMetaL Author Enterprise
XMetaL Author Essential
XMetaL Developer
XMetaL Reviewer

The current version of XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 supports Windows 7. The full version number for this release is In this case the install-readme.html contains a note stating that “only preliminary testing has been completed” on Windows 7. This is no longer true as testing is complete and no additional issues specific to Windows 7 are currently known (ie: it is safe to install and run and officially supported). Future releases will not contain that warning the install-readme.

XMetaL Author Essential 6.0 has not been released yet. It will also support Windows 7.