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Derek Read

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We've tracked down the code responsible for writing out the zero byte file. My last suspicion was correct to some degree. We are actually (by design) writing out a zero byte file as a test to see if the location being written to is writable. This code runs regardless of OS (not just a Citrix thing). Then once the zero byte file has been created successfully additional code is expecting to be able to overwrite it with the document that is in memory (ie: do the actual save). It is this second part that is failing.

As you're the only person working with DITA on this thread it will be easiest to get a sample from you. A DITA topic should not require any additional configuration files in order to reproduce the issue you are seeing — and we're hoping to get a sample that will trigger the issue here. (for the other people we would likely need their DTDs and the rest of their customizations as they are working with XMAX and XMetaL Author Essential)

The next time you notice this happen can you switch to Plain Text view, copy the entire document to the clipboard (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C), then paste it into Notepad, save it, and forward the file to XMetaL Support (email: [email protected]) referencing this thread. Hopefully having a copy of the file will allow us to trigger the exception that is occurring during the save operation so we can try to reproduce the problem exactly and address it.