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XMetaL Author itself automatically removes any id attribute when it is declared as type ID in a DTD during copy and paste actions. According to XML rules a document containing two identical attributes of type ID is invalid and so knowing what to do in this case is obvious in order to keep the document valid.

Interesting feature. Some questions about it:

When was this introduced? (i.e. in what version of xmetal) I don't see it happening in 4.6 or 5.5.
It only affects copy and paste when the paste is into the same document, correct? I.e. it happens on the paste not at the time of the copy.
It only affects copy and not cut, correct?
Does it happen silently or is the user notified (e.g. by a dialog or something)?
Could it be turned off or enhanced with scripting? E.g. could you have it prompt them to approve of the change on the paste? I doubt I'd go to the trouble, just curious.