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Derek Read

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Yes, the customizable folder was deprecated quite some time ago. It became completely non-functional with the 5.5 release due to changes in Windows software installer requirements.

(as you know) It used to be possible to modify the content of the customizable folder and these files would then be copied over during installation as if we shipped them as part of our installer (kind of an ingenious feature). However, it is no longer possible to meet the current Windows installer requirements and continue to offer this feature, so it has been disabled.

If you need to make changes to an XMetaL Author installation the new process is to have our installer run to completion and then make your changes afterwords. There are a few ways to do this. Examples (from completely manual to completely automated):

1. Manually run our installer. Then manually copy the files you need to add or change over top using Windows Explorer or other. If DLLs need to be registered register them at the command line using C:WindowsSystem32regsvr32.exe
2. Place the files in a ZIP archive in an appropriate folder structure and then unzip this file on top of an installation of XMetaL Author, then register DLLs as above if required.
3. Create a batch file to automate all of the steps listed in #1 above.
4. Create an installer that first runs our installer (probably preferably silently) then copies files over top and registers DLLs, if required, either using the installer SDK's method for registering DLLs or by scripting it to run regsvr32.exe using the installer's method for scripting, whatever that may be.