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Derek Read

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Most installations will install the product on the C: drive and also have the user's profile stored there as well. Looking at your log file it looks like your %appdata% folder is located on the D: drive, which means that is where the DITA OT will be deployed to and run from:

D:Documents and Settingsp527737Application DataSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OT

By default the product assumes the C: drive, but we have a setting that will tell XMetaL Author Enterprise that your copy of the DITA Open Toolkit is deployed to a different drive letter and this should hopefully resolve the problem. However, it also looks like Documentum is involved and so that may further complicate things (though I suspect not).

Please try the following:
1. Launch XMetaL Author Enterprise.
2. From the “Tools” menu select the “Configure Output…” option.
3. In the “Configure Output Options” dialog select the “Advanced” tab.
4. On this tab there is a section called “Other output parameters” which should contain a number of settings. Leave all of the existing default settings as they are and add the following on a line by itself:
5. Click the “OK” button to save the new settings and dismiss the dialog.

If this is the issue you are having (that the DITA OT ends up being deployed to your D: drive but XMetaL is stupid and tries to use the C: drive) you should now be able to generate output successfully. This also assumes that you, or anyone else configuring your system, have not modified the print_dita142.xml file and that Documentum does not also come into play here.

In the future we may try to address this so that XMetaL is smart enough to know where the DITA OT has been deployed (specifically to not assume the C: drive letter) and just handle this automatically.

If this does not correct the problem it would be best to submit a support case as it looks like you have a pretty complex setup, with Documentum and its cache and possibly other things being involved with your configuration.

Note that you could probably get around this issue by modifying the print_dita142.xml file, but then you really need to figure out how to modify a configuration file we do not document the format for (on purpose) and not something we would really support doing.