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Thanks for that information…I was confused/misremembering what my problem with SV was. What I really want is structure view in one window and normal view in the other.

I see now that if I use a blank css for my sv css (I'm using that switchSVStyles function from Journalist so I can toggle between sv csses), then almost looks like Normal view. The big exception is tables, which are mutilated in SV and not rendered as tables like they are in the main pane. Can SV be made to render tables wysiwyg? 

If it weren't for the mutilated tables, then you could use sv as a tags off view and have tags on in the main pane. If you're careful not to click in SV, then there won't be any synching (however, there's no way to synch sv to the main pane).

Regarding (not) synching, I'm using 4.6 and in the docs only see keep_sv_mv_in_sync_by_default which is described as follows: “This makes element collapsing and expanding which you do in either the Structure View or the Main View, get automatically done in the other view.” and is already set to NO by default. Is there another variable that's not mentioned in the doc?

I think the feature request is:
1. Same rendering of tables in SV as main pane.
2. Ability to turn off the synchronizing of  the main pane to the SV location when you click in SV. Preferably via an api rather than ini setting).
3. Ability via an api/button to synchronize SV to main pane.
4. Ability via an api/button to synchronize main pane to SV.
5. Support for @sq-start-and-end-tags css rule (that makes structure view same as tags on view in main pane)

After all that's done, SV is just like the main pane and what makes one sv and the other the main pane is just some css differences. Then there's nothing (other than system limitations) from adding a third (or fourth) new view. I guess once we're all using machines with 8 GB of ram and 50 inch monitors, we may want to have four views of the same document side by side (perhaps with each highlighting different information), so I guess name the methods in your API accordingly 🙂