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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author supports the INI file and settings. XMAX does not.

In a few cases, INI file settings in XMetaL Author have been turned into run-time properties for XMAX, which equate to elements in an HTML page. All supported run-time properties are documented in the Programmers Guide.

However, as you are building the entire UI around XMAX anyway (ie: in theory you are starting with nothing and building your interface around XMAX to provide the user with a means to interact with it) you can just opt to not connect any of the built-in Save() methods if you don't want users to save that way. Instead of connecting Save() to your user interface you should be able to build something that saves the string returned by ActiveDocument.Xml instead.

If XMAX is embedded in a CSharp, VB, or similar application then use the methods they provide for writing text to a file. If you have embedded XMAX into a web application (HTML page) then you will need to look into using a control such as one of the ones listed below to save to disk, or perhaps submit the string to a web server or other (using MSXML / AJAX, or perhaps a standard HTML form GET or POST, or something else entirely) if it needs to be sent there.