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Derek Read

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The only way I can think of doing this would be to create a script that fires at the appropriate time and walks the document inserting them as actual content, or by doing this via post processing in XSLT or similar (which is likely the more elegant and possibly simpler solution as you are probably doing a transform at some point already I suspect).

I have seen something similar done to add special numbering into the XML source during editing. Several of our US gov't clients have scripts that insert numbering as part of the XML content both for legal requirements (specific numbers must be fixed for all time to certain sections of legal documents, and they may not necessarily trust auto-numbering to function the same way in all systems) and in at least one case the numbering scheme is too complex to be handled automatically using CSS because they have complex mixtures of alternating roman/arabic/alpha). Unfortunately, as we don't own this code I am unable to share it and it would likely not be the best solution in your case anyway (I really think for most people handling this in post processing is really the way to go).