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Derek Read

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[Note: gcrews response is for XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 not XMetaL Reviewer]

Upgrading the XMetaL Reviewer Server
Upgrading the XMetaL Reviewer server software from 5.5 to 6.0 (we are currently shipping 6.0 SP1) is documented in the section called “Upgrade Reviewer from previous version” in the XMetaL Reviewer Administration Guide included with the 6.0 SP1* release as the file ReviewerAdminGuide.pdf.

*Note that the same PDF that comes with XMetaL Reviewer 6.0 does not include this “upgrade” section.

Installation of XMetaL Reviewer 6.0 can be tricky however, and upgrading can be trickier depending on your current configuration. You may wish to contact XMetaL Support to have them arrange an online meeting (Webex or similar) with you to walk you through this and avoid any complications. Ideally, with one of our developers on such a call this process can be done in about an hour and in the long run that can save lots of back and forth emailing support.

The version of Tomcat installed with XMetaL Reviewer 6.0 (and 6.0 SP1) is 6.0.14, which is the same as the one installed with XMetaL Reviewer 5.5.