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Yes*, but let's just assume here that we want to make WebHelp do the same sort of thing.

If nothing else, JustSystems could consider this a long-term feature request (ability to build portals from DITA content).

I'm also looking at Flare (WebHelp Plus) and RoboHelp (RoboHelp Server) for building a portal, but my point is that it would be nice to have a “one-stop-shop” for making WebHelp without requiring another tool and lots of importing/exporting. I imagine I am asking too much, since I should remember that XMetaL is “graphical editor for creating and editing structured documents” and not a Magic Machine for single-source shops.  Can't have everything.  I chose XMetaL so we could make “pure” DITA XML.  It's excellent for that.  Also, I LOVE the pdf3 basic format.  But I'm still suffering with my HTML/WebHelp delivery.

*The problem with Eclipse Help for us is that Eclipse Infocenter requires an Apache server and is Java-based, whereas we are very much a .NET-shop.