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Derek Read

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I assume you are probably referring for the DTD or Schema and associated files that make up what we typically refer to as a document-level “customization” for XMetaL Author (and XMAX). At a minimum, this set of files includes the DTD or XSD file (the schema) together with a CSS and CTM file and possibly a few other files, probably including XML templates and maybe some scripts (macros) and forms, etc. If you are not working with DITA documents then you must create this customization yourself or have someone create it for you (this is what XMetaL Developer is for).

Assuming you have a customization the next step is to create a “DocApp”. Documentum has what it calls a Document Application, or “DocApp” for short. For integrations with XMetaL Author the DocApp is essentially the XMetaL customization files packaged in a way that Documentum supports. How to turn your customization files into a DocApp and how to configure your Documentum server (where to place the files and the proper settings) is something you need to consult the Documentum documentation for, or contact EMC support.

Three things EMC might not tell you:
1. Documentum does not support a directory structure for DocApps so you may need to “flatten” your DTD or XSD if it is broken into several files (ie: DTD + ENT files) and references files in different folders.
2. Place the actual DTD or XSD file into the DocApp. Do not use the compiled RLX or RLD file that XMetaL Developer, Author and XMAX generate. This is because Documentum uses the DTD or XSD to valid files upon check-in and it cannot read the RLX and RLD files (they are for XMetaL usage only).
3. Do not use an XAC file to package the customization for basically the same reason as #2 (Documentum cannot read XAC files and they are for XMetaL usage only). So you must include the DTD/XSD, CSS, CTM, MCR and any other files that make up your customization as separate files, not compiled into the XAC that XMetaL Developer generates.

If (and only if) you are working with XMetaL Author Enterprise and editing DITA documents we provide a DocApp for DITA documents with the XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop installer. A PDF file that explains how to get that DocApp into the CMS and configure it properly is also included called the “XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop 6.5 Administrator’s Guide”. If you are working with another DTD or Schema (not DITA) then you need to create your own customization and DocApp (as detailed above) and get it into the CMS.