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Derek Read

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Let me say that we agree (or I do anyway) — ideally the functionality of the map editor should be as close as possible to the standard document editing views (TagsOn and Normal), allowing you to choose which to use based on personal preferences rather than being forced to choose based on limitations.

We are working toward bridging this gap, but it will likely take a few releases to get there as we have some missing pieces that need to be put into place before the type of improvements we're talking about here can really be done properly.

However, obviously if they end up being identical there's not much point in having two views, so there will probably need to be some advantages of using one over the other.

To this end…I wonder what people like most about the map editor. Here are some reasons I can think of…

1) You like the location…
  1a) You like the default window location (left side of the application inside the Resource Manager separate from DITA topics).
  1b) You like to “float” the Resource Manager (containing the map editor) to place it on a second monitor.
  1c) You like to “float” the Resource Manager (containing the map editor) to move it outside of XMetaL Author's main application window.
  1d) You like being able to dock the Resource Manager in other locations (top, right, bottom).
  1e) You like the separate menus in the map editor (File | Edit | Insert | Repository) that are specific to working with maps.
  1f) other…?

2) You like the rendering of DITA maps, and in particular…
  2a) …you like the treeview structure.
  2b) …you like the different icons for topic types (concept/task/topic/reference/), topichead, chapter, toc, etc.
  2c) other…?

3) You like to use it for locating and opening topics (ie: as a navigation tool) because you can…
  3a) …double click to open referenced topics.
  3b) …open items from your CMS.
  3c) other…?

4) You like to use it for editing maps because…
  4a) …the icons help identify topic types.
  4b) …the arrow buttons let you organize map content easily.
  4c) …the treeview structure helps you organize maps in a more visual way.
  4d) other…?

5) You like how it is integrated with your CMS.

6) You like how it is integrated with XMetaL Reviewer.

7) Any other reasons…?