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The map editor is a very nice tool for organizing topics, and it provides a mechanism for applying a wide range of attributes to map elements. It seems strange to me that the attributes you are allowed to edit is constrained depending on the way the document is being viewed.

In my opinion, the map editor is a far more elegant way of working in general, and is definitely the preferred way amongst the users I support to work with maps. Given this preference, this means that they are required to change the view whenever they need to work with conditions on map elements.

I have had several writers ask if this was possible, and I have to wonder why such a wide variety of other attributes are available to edit from the map editor (scope, type, toc, and even otherprops are supported) but audience, platform, and product are not. Is this to avoid having to support specializations?

I'm not saying that the XML view is a bad way to work with maps, just that it seems less than elegant for my options to differ depending on where I'm working with a document.