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Just to provide some feedback on this:

1) I'd say that I like the location because it keeps the map and content conceptually (and visually) separate. Having the option to move the map around wherever I want it is also nice. As for the separate map editor menus, I've actually found this to be a source of confusion, at least initially, for new users.

2) The rendering of the map is one particularly nice feature of XMetaL. It presents a familiar face to what for some writers is an unfamiliar (or even frightening) concept (XML generally). Having a visual indicator of the topic type is useful, as well.

3) 3a is the only one that applies to our configuration at this time, but yes on that.

4) All of the above. I also like how the map editor gives sort of a “preview” of the toc in PDF output and the navigation for the webhelp. This makes it easier for the writer to visualize what their results will be.