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Derek Read

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JScript is involved and that is likely why there seems to be randomness. The Windows JScript engine releases objects (in XFT these equate to different controls used in a form) and does cleanup according to its own schedule and the timing of this cleanup may vary depending on processor speed, amount of RAM and the version of WSH you are running (so the jscript.dll in Windows might be different for different versions and patches of Windows). The crash is linked to this timing.

The Topic Metadata form is doing some pretty complex things and contains quite a few controls so it seems to be the form that triggers this issue most easily.

This is all probably just gobbledegook to most people and the details don't really matter. What I think really matters is that we are pretty confident at this point that we've located the portion of the product that is responsible (somewhere in the code that renders our XFT forms). We just need to wait for dev to figure out how to fix it at this point.

Note that if you aren't ever opening a form and you see a crash, that would indicate some other (possibly unknown) issue.