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There is still something goofy going on.  I am able to crash XMetaL about 9 times in 30 min when I’m doing different things.  But that is clicking around wily nilly until it crashes trying to pinpoint a cause. It seems to almost be random but nothing random. I think I may have a theory. It may be a timing thing if you try and insert something or do something right in the middle of the spell-check routine. The crashes I have experienced don’t seems to be related to a particular task but more the timing of quickly doing stuff. Every event in the picture below is an XMetaL crash.

I noticed one of the crashes was when the metadata.xft started being read right in the middle of reading  the writing tools files. Perhaps the removal of the files and repair install just defragmented the files causing them to load faster and not get interrupted therefore not crashing? My laptop also has whole disk encryption, perhaps people with slower disk I/O cause more crashes?

To reproduce a crash try opening up a dita file with a decent amount of text and go to “insert” menu, then “Topic Metadata” then just press “Ok” then repeat 8+times quickly trying to interrupt the spell check routine.