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Derek Read

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Spell checker DLLs
The issue described by mzwecker in this posting is a different from the “old spell checker DLLs from 5.5 not being updated with our 6.0 installer” issue. Our fix for the spell checker DLL issue is here and is an immediate fix you can do yourself –> http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,526.msg1916.html#msg1916 (and our future installers will do this properly so you won't have to manually fix it as per those instructions).

Topic Metadata dialog
This second crash seems to affect some people a lot of the time (or all the time for mzwecker) and some people are not affected at all (most people I hope?) — I have yet to reproduce a crash on any of my test machines, but others have seen it here as have some colleagues in Japan. For some people, simply opening the Topic Metadata dialog once causes a crash and in some cases the people that see this issue need to open the dialog several times for the crash to occur.

There really is no good workaround for this particular issue except to avoid usage of the dialog by using the Element List and Attribute Inspector to work with these elements, in which case you may want to be in TagsOn view as seeing the tags may make it easier to work inside the element. Not as convenient as the dialog, but you should not see the crash if you work this way.

Our developers are looking into this issue and think they are closing in on the true cause. At this point I'm not sure how we will be delivering a fix for it, or when. But we do consider this a high priority issue that needs to be dealt with.