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Derek Read

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In XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 we have a parameter you can add to the “other output parameter” settings on the Advanced tab for any deliverable type and this will tell the generation process to not check for the presence of a particular output file having been created. Basically what you are asking for I think (with one very minor problem).

Do the following:
1. Tools > Configure Output, and in the list of deliverable types select yours and click Edit.
2. In the dialog that appears, on the Advanced tab inside the text box labeled “Other output parameters” add the following new param on a new line: cmd_output_as_dir  =  yes.
3. Click OK then OK again to get back to the main document editing view (which also saves that change).

Now when you generate output using that deliverable type the generate output process will not bother to check to see if a specific file was created.

The catch eluded to above is that both the “Open File” and “Open Folder” buttons are still displayed. Clicking either of them opens the folder in this case, so not really a big deal but possibly a little confusing for authors. I consider this a bug though and have asked dev to look into hiding the button in this case in a future release.