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Derek Read

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Please see this discussion:

Basically, to get what you are asking for I think the following needs to happen:

1. The issue with the DITA OT removing (all) processing instructions from the merged file needs to be addressed. I believe this may be the case with one of the DITA OT 1.5 releases.
2. JustSystems needs to integrate this newer version of the DITA OT with a release of XMetaL Author Enterprise.
3. Someone needs to decide how tracked changes should be rendered for any given output produced by the DITA OT and modify the XSLT / XSL-FO to render them appropriately. If JustSystems does not include some kind of default rendering for these PIs out-of-the-box in a future release that includes the necessary DITA OT version to support it then that work would need to be done by you (or perhaps by the XMetaL Professional Services team or someone else you hire).