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Su-Laine Yeo

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As a bit more background, the title of a map can be stored as either an XML attribute, an XML element, or both. The DITA 1.1 specification says that it is better to put titles in the element than the attribute, so the Map Properties dialog in XMetaL is designed to put title information into the element rather than the attribute.

However, because of a defect in the DITA Open Toolkit, the map element is ignored and the “title” attribute is used instead when you generate certain types of output. The workaround for this issue is to put the title of the map in the “title” attribute. To do this:</p> <p>1) Open your map file.<br />2) Click the File menu in the Map Editor pane and choose “Switch to XML View of Map”. The map will appear in Tags On View.<br />3) Click just after the </p> <map> start tag at the beginning of the document.<br />4) Click View > Attribute Inspector.<br />5) In the Attribute Inspector pane, type the a value for the “title” attribute, and then press Enter. You should see the title appear automatically with a grey background in the document.<br />6) If you want to switch back to the Map Editor view, click File > Switch to Map Editor.<br />7) Generate WebHelp output again. <br /></map> <p>