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Derek Read

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This might possibly be what you need: “Eclipse CSH plug-in”
There is some information here on this plug-in (doesn't seem to be an HTML or other version that I can locate):

Integrating that plug-in with the DITA OT that ships with XMetaL Author Enterprise (or any other DITA OT) would be done via the normal procedure for integrating any plug-in according to the DITA OT instructions (or specific instructions that come with the plug-in itself).

However, exposing any plug-in as a “deliverable” through the XMetaL Author Enterprise user interface (via the Generate Output… dialogs) is something else requiring the modification of a configuration file that we do not document (though it is XML, fairly self-explanatory, and lives here: C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACssharedrenditionsprint_dita142.xml).

It would likely be best to contract this configuration work out to the XMetaL Professional Services team. The process for getting an SOW (quote), etc, can be started through XMetaL Sales.

The other missing piece here is the actual plug-in itself. I have yet to locate good or complete information on this plug-in.