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Derek Read

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The following page seems to be the answer to what I read about previously with security concerns in IE. Specifically the following statement from the “win32com Readme”:

Python only supports “trusted” execution hosts – thus, it will no longer work as an engine inside IE (Python itself no longer has a restricted execution environment). Python continues to work fine as an Active Scripting Engine in all other applications, including Windows Scripting Host, and ASP.

There is also support for Python as an ActiveX Scripting Host.

Active Debugging seems to be fully functional.

I have not tried a recent installation of ActivePython so cannot provide specific details on what this means specifically for XMetaL Author. However, that statement suggests to me that it should work with any application other than Internet Explorer as it sounds like the engine now specifically detects if IE is the intended host for a given script and disables the engine in that case.

If you are working with another Python engine (not sure how many there are) then this will of course not apply to you and you should consult the documentation it provides if this is a concern.