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Derek Read

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There are no known issues that have been raised by any of our clients.

The last time I installed ActiveState's “ActivePython” engine to try it out about a year ago, special settings had to be configured to enable it to be used as a script engine. I believe this was a concern for some people on a few forum postings that I saw when looking for information on how to enable this functionality and it was also specifically warned about by the ActiveState documentation, as this also enabled it as a scripting language in Internet Explorer which meant that scripts embedded in HTML pages would be run by IE, and you may have little control over which HTML files your users might open in that application. Check the ActiveState documentation (or the documentation for your Python engine) to see if this is still an issue or if there is a way to tell the script engine to only enable itself for specific applications.

Keep in mind that you will also need to install a Python script engine on every user's machine in order for XMetaL macros written in Python to function. The script engine that supports JScript and VBScript (Windows Script Host, aka: WSH) is installed as part of Windows on all versions of Windows supported by XMetaL Author (so no additional installer needs to be run to use these languages).

I'm not aware of any XMetaL clients using Python, possibly for the reason above, We do however, have various clients that run Perl, including two major US gov't agencies that have hundreds of thousands of lines of XMetaL macro code written in PerlScript and they install the ActiveState PerlScript engine on their users machines to facilitate this (so clearly for them having to install an additional scripting engine is not an issue).