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Derek Read

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SVG is not an image format that XMetaL Author (or XMAX) can render on its own (yet). In order to render it in XMetaL Author you need to configure the CTM file to use an ActiveX control to display the SVG. This is what the DITA customization does.

Have a look at the section called “In Place Controls” in the Programmers Guide. It describes the settings you need to set in the CTM file and the events needed to be created in your MCR file. At a minimum for your purpose you will probably want to implement two events (described there as well): OnShouldCreate (to check if the file is a *.svg file) and OnInitialize (to pass the path for the file to the control and to tell the control how large to draw itself). That latter event would be mandatory.

Note that we have found embedding the Adobe SVG Viewer directly into XMetaL Author (or any other application other than its intended purpose as a plug-in for IE) is troublesome. So, instead of doing that we embed the Windows WebBrowserControl (the ActiveX version of IE) which in turn automatically loads the Adobe SVG Viewer (if installed) when asked to load an SVG file.