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Derek Read

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I cannot provide a DTD or Schema as this is not a trivial decision.

There are many available designed for authoring various types of content and for various industries. XMetaL Author Enterprise ships configured with a customization that supports authoring to the DITA DTDs. These are the only industry standard DTDs we include a complete customization for (though we do now provide a simple sample DocBook customization for DocBook 5 as well, I would call this a demo and not a true customization). Use of any other schema typically requires some form of customization, and though the product will automatically create a very basic one for any schema you must provide the schema. Customizations can be created using XMetaL Developer, by our Professional Services team, by one of our partners and by various smaller (non-partner) contractors that are familiar with our products.

Which schema to use is a decision you (or your organization) will need to make and probably one that would be made before you get to the point where you are thinking about customizing XMetaL Author to render referenced PDF files, though this need may guide your decision on which schema to select somewhat, including what you will be doing with your XML once it has been created. In most cases people will be transforming XML to some final format (HTML, XHTML, PDF, CHM, RTF/DOC, etc) and so the tools you will use to transform may also come into play when deciding which DTD you are going to author your content for.

The approach I would take would be to decide which schema you wish to use based on the type of content you will be authoring (there is a lot of information out there on XML that will help with this). If you are with a specific industry they may even recommend or enforce usage of a particular schema. Then I would decide which tools (including XMetaL Author in the list if you like) will best meet your needs for authoring to this schema.